Galactic Fails

January 19, 2018 0

Galactic Fails by Michael W. Cho   Even with the aid of ever advancing technology, there will still be the occasional epic fail. And with luck, someone will be there with a camera to document […]


January 15, 2018 0

Cold by Amir Lane   Even for the worlds greatest vampire hunter, there are things that go bump in the night that you pray you never have to face. Follow Laurentz Geiger in this gritty […]

Reasonable Suspicion

January 12, 2018 0

Reasonable Suspicion by Allen Demir   It’s a fine line between being vigilant and being paranoid, and some people can’t help but color outside the lines. Contact info for Allen Demir * Website –

of Monsters and Mushrooms, Ch. 16

January 8, 2018 0

of Monsters and Mushrooms, Ch. 16 By Lesley Herron   Being abducted by monkey-people: Bad. Being sacrificed to a boar god: Worse. Of Monsters and Mushrooms, Ch. 16 – by Lesley Herron   Start from […]

Last Breath Day

January 5, 2018 0

Last Breath Day by Stephen G Parks   You know, it’s your typical love story: a boy, a girl, a pregnancy, and an alien invasion. But maybe not in that order… Humanity has all but […]

The Baboons of Mars

January 1, 2018 0

The Baboons of Mars By Esther Davis   Some gods lack vision, others lack common sense. Liked the story? Buy Ester Davis’ Book- A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon Contact info for Esther […]

Street Cred

December 29, 2017 0

Becoming a gun for hire is never a good idea, especially when viewed as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

of Monsters and Mushrooms, Ch. 15

December 25, 2017 0

Sometimes family drives us crazy, other times it drives us to wander for days in an alien rainforest with no sign of civilization. Of Monsters and Mushrooms, Ch. 15 – by Lesley Herron  

Murder, Sharp and Shiny

December 22, 2017 0

  A grizzled detective and a mischievous granny are thrust into a magical land, where they decide to make a living solving crime. Only some crimes are more dangerous than they are worth. Contact info […]

When Ants Tell a Story

December 18, 2017 0

  A line of marching ants leads a young watchman to a sordid scene, a crime to be sorted out. Contact info for J.M. Williams * Website – * Amazon – (Affiliate)

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