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The Good Ship Sea of Stars


The Good Ship Sea of Stars by Jane Jago Website  –  Amazon     When Cargo Freighter Zulu/973 found it, the sleek little flitter was floating aimlessly in space, sort of halfway between the mining […]

Tall Tale TV attempts to be one of the best story podcasts available on the web today. Working with sci-fi and fantasy authors from around the world, I use my skills as an audiobook narrator to bring their written text straight to your headphones. You can listen on a myriad of platforms, or right here on the website.



I am proud to announce that Tall Tale TV ranked in the final five for it’s category in the Parsec Awards, a prestigious award given only to the best story podcasts. Tall Tale TV went head to head with other amazing story podcasts like Escape Pod, Seminar and Rude Alchemy. And while it didn’t take first this year, I am happy just to say this podcast can rub shoulders with such giants!