Two Horror Short Stories


Two Horror Short Stories by Roger Ley   Not all who escape are saved.   ‘The Hunt’ is one of the stories in Roger Ley’s speculative fiction collection, ‘Dead People on Facebook’ which has recently […]

Bone Eaters


Bone Eaters by Alerazz501 Alerazz501 is a freelance artist on Deviantart and a collector of urban legends from Slovakia. Bone eaters is just one of nine stories from his Urban Legends series. This one is […]

Welcome to Hell


Welcome to Hell by Curtis A. Bass Curtis A. Bass ( is a writer of short stories from the American south. He writes in a variety of genres such as science fiction, horror, mystery and […]

The Pyro


The Pyro by Jude MatulichHall Amazon   Jude dwells in her Heavenly Hell with child – Sidny, hubby – Jason, their black cat, Baphomet, and their bunbuns, Boo & Gizmo, in the lovely Pacific Northwest […]

Divided We Stand


Divided We Stand by Mike Morgan   Mike Morgan was born in London, but not in any of the interesting parts. He moved to Japan at the age of 30 and lived there for many […]

Of Portals and Portents, Ch. 1


Of Portals and Portents Chapter 1 By Lesley Herron   Playlists: (Book 1) Of Monsters and Mushrooms (Book 2) Of Tyrants and Teakettles (Book 3) Of Bandits and Bad Magic (Novella 3.5) An Interlude of […]

Work is Hell


Work is Hell by Dan Charles Wild Daniel Charles Wild, otherwise known on reddit’s writing forums as user BecauseISaidSoToo, is a long-time contributor to Tall Tale TV. The short story ‘Work is Hell’ is one […]

Urban Demonology


Urban Demonology by A.A.Ron     Currently, A.A. Ron writes as a pastime and loves to create worlds and stories.   This story was previously submitted in Volume V, issue 4 of the magazine JJ […]

Groanheart the Wild


Groanheart the Wild by Margaret Speaker Yuan   Margaret Speaker Yuan is 6′ tall with flaming red hair, a chess grandmaster, and a 10th degree black belt. She is a world traveler with a second […]