I created Tall Tale TV because, frankly, I love to read. My favorite thing is discovering a new author whose book I just can’t put down.

A few years ago I became legally blind due to type 1 diabetic complications, I was told there was an 80% chance I would be fully blind in under a year. It took me nine months and a complete lifestyle change, but my vision is now stable. When I’m stressed, I like to disappear into the many worlds of books. But with my eyesight gone, that escape was lost to me. The depression during this time was more intense than I had ever experienced, and I needed something to help pull me through.

My wife took me to the library and helped me check out a few Audiobooks. Listening to Nigel Planner use his many voices to paint the fanciful landscapes of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Disc World may literally have saved my life. I realized that no matter what happened to my eyes, I could still experience the magic of the written word. My depression lifted and I struck back at my condition, pulling through the darkest part of my life with a newfound purpose.

I have been a dabbling writer since the turn of the century, more for fun than any goal of fame. But I’ve decided to put that aside for now. The wonder of Audiobooks has infected me, and I want to be there to help the next person in my shoes. I want to sculpt words into pictures with the skill of my voice. I want to trap people in the countless worlds that Authors have created with the power of imagination. I want to share the awe that I feel every time I put in a pair of headphones and hit play!

As an indie writer myself, I know how many gems there are out there just waiting to be discovered. I love the indie writer community and chose instead of narrating a few hundred full-length novels for published authors, I would rather spend my life narrating a few thousand short stories by authors trying to make it on their own. Their imagination is no less tempered and the sense of friendship I get from many of them reaffirms my decision near daily. If I can help even one author achieve their dream, it will all have been worth it.

Currently, I post twice a week. I would like to increase that to three, but I will need to make some radical changes to my schedule before that can happen.

If you’re a writer and would like to know more about how that end of things works, check out the ‘How it Works’ section.