Cayneian, a Man from Blood

Cayneian, a Man from Blood

by Aaron Dennis

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Cayneian, a Man from Blood is a fantasy horror rife with grim action and written by Aaron Dennis. Let the squeamish turn back now; only the brave should venture forth to

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—- Personal Notes —-

This voice was extremely experimental. I was trying to create a generic ‘Epic Fantasy’ voice with multiple European influences. Let me know if it came off good, or did it sound like a bad attempt at a Scottish Pirate? lol, either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



There was a time when man was powerful, and hungering for more power, he set his wizard’s gaze to search for the unknown. A forgotten king learned of an island. It was said no one had ever been there, but that was not the truth.

Before man was powerful, Daemons ruled by flame. Whether it was divine providence from above, the steely determination of heroes, or the Daemons’ own hubris, they were defeated, driven deep, deep underground.

Time passed. Man flourished under its own rule. It was forgotten that a Daemon cannot die, and so the residents of an island grew reckless as all those with an insatiable thirst for power do. They stole deep beneath their proliferous kingdom. There, they found flame. The flame beckoned, and the flame promised, but fire devours all.

When the haughty king sent his men on an expedition to that island, his men discovered evidence that it had been very much inhabited. Though no sign of battle was evident, whole forests were cut down, homes sat in disrepair, and ominous clouds covered the skies, but still the expedition trekked forth in search of power for their king.

Every turn held great trepidation for both the soldiers and those brave men whose purpose it was to find the unknown source of power. Starting with an errant bolt of lightning destroying their only vessel, evil quickly reared its head, matters grew out of hand.

The sun set never to rise again. Vile monsters came forth from shadow and feasted on human flesh. The very air poisoned the voyagers’ souls, and when they pressed beyond the domain of the sealed, they too found Daemons.

It is unclear whether or not any of the king’s men survived, but what is known, is that a great wizard begot of great wizards sealed the Daemons away as had been done ages prior. For a time, immense destruction was averted. On the island, the worst of dangers subsided, yet disasters lurked behind darkened recesses.

Like men who hunger for power, Daemons hunger, but theirs is a fierce hunger. From a sealed tomb, one Daemon continued to beckon. It continued to prod at the souls of good men.

A progression of tribulations accosted those left upon the island. Some settled in as there was no other alternative. It was an awful life, but any attempt at sailing away was met with an untimely demise. Good will alone does not stay evil, and even good men fall to bad judgment.

The horrid living conditions broke the spirits of men and even twisted some into monstrous creatures. Thirsting for more power, the Daemon sought out and away from the island by ways of hellish rituals. Upon satiating its hunger, it beckoned once more; this time for a particular individual.

Long before the expedition, one good man was promised a power from blood. Seeking vengeance on those whom had done him ill will, he accepted. The practice of Sang Daemanus came to be.

While only men may undergo this ritual, and the power is nearly without limit, most falter at the very mention. Men brave enough to attempt the ritual normally go mad within days. The indomitable are the sole successors to Sang Daemanus, but they are twisted creatures. Often, they do not return alone.
Only now has it come pass that it was this abominable power which the Council of Five had discovered. It was unfortunate that these wizards, advisers to the king who sent the expedition—though cunning—lacked the practical knowledge required to avert the soul from evil provocation.
Now, deep beneath the island of despair, the wizards seek only reprisal. A broken kingdom is ruled by fear and hatred. The Daemon calls, and the Daemon burns.

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