Before you submit your story please check out this Submission Guidelines video.
Rule Changes / Notes:
-Story limit has been increased to 6,000(ish) words for single episode publication. Longer works are accepted but may be split across multiple episodes, and are less likely to be accepted.
-Multiple / Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Just fill out the form separately¬†for each if you don’t mind. It helps keep my files organized.


    Gender or Preferred Pronoun

    Any images you provide MUST be copyright free, or you have permission from the artist. If attribution is required, inform me and I will include it in the video. People don't mess around with this, they will force me to take it down if I don't have permission. I reserve the right to choose not to use a provided image, but in most cases, it's not an issue. I will inform you if I have any problems with an image. If you would prefer you may include a link in the 'Other' field, or email it to me later rather than attaching a file here, as sometimes they are too large for this form to handle.

    As of Dec. 10th, 2019 YouTube is changing their terms of service, requiring channels to be 'commercially viable' and include ad placements when possible. I only place video ads at the very end of the episode, and any revenue goes back into the channel, not into my pocket. Are you willing to let me place ads on your episode? This is optional and will not affect the outcome of your submission.

    You should receive an automated confirmation shortly. If you do not, that means it did not send. If I don't respond within a week, it may have gone into my spam folder. If you continue to have issues, feel free to contact me using the Contact Form or by sending me a direct message on Twitter.

    If after pressing 'Send' the screen jumps upward, yet the fields are still filled out, that means either a required field wasn't completed or an attached file was too large. If you are sending large files, it might take a minute to upload, the page just sits there while this is taking place.

    Thank you!