Re-Runs by Evan A Davis Evan Davis is an emerging author with an overactive imagination, which explains how he got here and why you’re reading this – which is great. Fiction being his first love, […]

Born of Night Without Warning


Born of Night Without Warning by Christopher O’Halloran CHRISTOPHER O‘HALLORAN (he/him) is the factory-working, Canadian, actor-turned-author of PUSHING DAISY, his upcoming debut novel from Lethe Press (2025). His shorter work has been published or forthcoming […]

The Infestation


The Infestation by Derek Hartmann   Derek Hartmann is a Botanist of weird and smelly plants. He slept on a fridge once. And he is a longtime fantasy enthusiast that found the motivation to begin […]

Grange Ghosts


Grange Ghosts by Douglas Gwilym   Douglas Gwilym has been known to compose a weird-fiction rock opera or two. His short story “Poppy’s Poppy” is a finalist for a Bram Stoker Award this year, and […]

Finding Georgia


Finding Georgia by Christian Riley Chris Riley lives near Sacramento, California, vowing one day to move back to the Pacific Northwest. In the meantime, he teaches special education, writes cool stories, and hides from the […]

Still Hungry


Still Hungry by Bob Reiss Bob Reiss is the best selling author of 24 books of fiction and non-fiction. Still Hungry is from Bob’s short story collection, “Still Hungry, Tales From the Shadows” published as […]

The Doomsday Virus


The Doomsday Virus by Arthur Pitchenik Arthur Pitchenik is a retired professor of medicine with many published research articles in top medical Journals on infectious diseases. Dr. Herman Vildeshreck was a genius with a vendetta […]

Gone Hunting


Gone Hunting by C. W. Stevenson Their village starving, a desperate hunting party sets off in search for food. Trailing their prey to the foot of Horn Forest, the trio find themselves faced with two […]

Night Lights


Night Lights by Joe Prosit Joe Prosit writes sci-fi, horror, and psycho fiction. “Machines Monsters and Maniacs” is a self-published collection of sixteen of his short stories. You can find it on Amazon or at […]

Broken Dolls


Broken Dolls by Melissa R. Mendelson Author Amazon Page (associate link)   –   Other TTTV stories by Melissa R. Mendelson Melissa R. Mendelson is a Poet and Horror, Science-Fiction and Dystopian Short Story Author. Her stories […]

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