submission guidelines

Here’s a list of guidelines to consider when submitting a story to Tall Tale TV.

1. No fan fiction. I love fan fiction. It’s great, it’s wonderful, it’s also technically copyright infringement. I might make an exception if you have written permission from the copyright holder.

2. Secondary Publication is fine. I do not mind if your story has been published before. Just as long as you aren’t breaking any contracts by submitting it to me. In fact, if you would like I can mention the publication in the video.

3. Science Fiction and Fantasy is what I’m looking for. This includes all forms of these genres. From Lord of the Rings to Star Wars. Indiana Jones to X-Files. As long as it has some aspect of sci-fi, fantasy or high adventure it should be good.

(NOTE: I’m a sucker for comedy!)

4. 3,000(ish) word limit. I know this is a little short, but the shorter I keep my videos the more I can get published. I’m willing to be a little flexible with this cap but keep in mind the shorter the story the more likely I am to move you up the list.

5. No erotica. I’m okay with some suggestive content but keep in mind kids and grandparents will be watching these. I have nothing against erotica, this just isn’t the place for it.

6. Limit the gore. I love a good fight scene. But neither of us want your story getting flagged for graphic content, so try not to get too insanely graphic. No slasher fics, please. I’m pretty lenient on this aspect, though.

7. Limit the profanity. I’m completely fine with most of the lesser curse words (shit, crap, bastard, damn, hell, bitch, calling someone a dick. . .) so feel free to go wild with those. But please limit or avoid the harsher words (fuck, cunt, cock. . .) Unfortunately, many websites will flag content for too much profanity. This isn’t a NO, just a CAUTION.

8. No discrimination. No racial slurs, hateful comments or discrimination of any sort against real people or peoples. Exceptions include fake races (aliens, elves, etc. . .) or if your main character is on the other side of said discrimination. I’m okay with stories pushing equality, but wholeheartedly against stories pushing hate. In general, I’m going to avoid topics that could be construed as social justice or sjw. Youtube is cracking down extremely hard on this type of content.

9. Must resemble a story. So no poetry. No experiments that have no plot. Whatever you submit has to feel like something is happening. I will accept excerpts from books, but make sure something HAPPENS in the excerpt. If you send me 3,000 words of the main character going about his normal life and nothing happens to them, I’m probably going to reject it.

(NOTE: I’ve been getting a lot of book excerpts. That’s fine, but I’m going to prioritize short stories before book excerpts. The closer the excerpt resembles a short story, the better)


Keep these in mind and your chances of getting read on this channel will be greatly increased.

I do want to mention that right now this entire operation is run by just myself. I work 44 hours a week at a regular job so this is, for all intents and purposes, a part-time labor of love for me. I’m not going to be able to publish every story I get sent. Eventually perhaps, but not yet. Each one takes about 6-10 hours to make.

So if I do send your story back, don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, I have to maintain a certain balance of genres and styles. If I kick it back and you’d like a more in-depth explanation of why it was rejected, feel free to ask! I’ve been the critique guy for my writing group for almost ten years, I have no problem giving my opinion and suggestions to people who want it.

Thank you so much for considering submitting to this project! You have no idea how much your support means to me.