How do I subscribe to Tall Tale TV?

There are several ways you can subscribe to Tall Tale TV.

  • If you like to listen to your podcasts on an iPhone or Apple device, you can click HERE or search for Tall Tale TV in iTunes


  • If you would prefer a video format you can watch the show on YOUTUBE or over on FACEBOOK.


  • Or, if you would like to listen with a podcast player, you can find Tall Tale TV on almost every podcast app out there. If you don’t have an app but would like to get one, I highly recommend STITCHER. It is completely free and very easy to navigate. Some others that people have suggested to me are SPOTIFY, PODBEAN, or GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC.


  • But let’s say you already have a podcast app, and you aren’t finding it in the search. Please let me know and I will try to get it hosted there. In the meantime, you could also try using your app by adding the RSS feed URL