we're live!

Well, it took nearly 5 months longer than expected but here we are. We’re live at last!

For now, I plan on posting one video a week while I navigate my way around my new sound editing software and get my feet wet with youtube. This will also afford me a bit of time to get a backlog recorded.

The delay wasn’t a total waste, though. I was able to invest my tax return and upgrade my microphone, purchase some better editing software and upgrade my studio from a plastic crate to a full-scale room. The quality is noticeably better now. I am having a bit of an issue with youtube making my audio sound slightly odd, but I’m confident I can get that fixed.

To all you amazing authors who have submitted to me before my official launch, you guys are my heroes. And honestly, if it wasn’t for you I probably would have scrapped this project out of sheer frustration and gone into full-length audiobooks instead. Less exciting but a lot easier of a learning curve. But your support gave me hope and I’m more determined than ever to help you find some new fans!

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