The Green Room


The Green Room by Roger Ley Website  –  Amazon Other stories by Roger Ley     “Darling, how nice to see you.” “And you, Sweetie, it’s been simply ages, come and sit by me. So, […]

On Cemetery Hill


On Cemetery Hill by LindaAnn LoSchiavo   AMAZON Author Page:   AMAZON link: “A Route Obscure and Lonely”     She has created 3 spooky video-versions of three poems in her book “A […]

Idiots and Isotopes


Idiots and Isotopes by Pat O’Malley Instagram   Bibliography:   “THE AUDIT,” was originally published in the November 2019 issue of the e-zine, The Weird and the Whatnot. It was also later published […]



Blondie by Andy Houstoun     A knock at my bedroom door startles me. Greg, one of my housemates, pokes his head in. “Would you do me a favour? I need someone to come on […]

A Lending Hand


A Lending Hand by Daniel K Lind Website  –  Twitter   Rodeo clapped his heels on the horse’s sides when his parents’ rickety house came into view, the safest place on Earth. Cam greeted Rodeo […]

Of Bandits and Bad Magic, Ch. 28


Of Bandits and Bad Magic, Ch. 28 by Lesley Herron   Playlists: (Book 1) Of Monsters and Mushrooms (Book 2) Of Tyrants and Teakettles (book 3) Of Bandits and Bad Magic



Refactored by Ed Nobody Twitter     Space is boring as hell and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying out Uranus. Sentenced to this black expanse, what else could Jim do but throw back […]

Three Short Stories by Yvon S Hintz


Three Short Stories by Yvon S Hintz Website  –  The Cub   Story One WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHECK ALL BAGS   It was a usual day in the supermarket and Betty was manning […]

Tale Everlasting


Tale Everlasting4 by Fanni Sütő Website  –  Ebook  –  Book   Other TTV stories by Fanni Sütő   HMS Titania, the largest cruise ship in the world, was supposed to sail the waves until the end of […]

Bridging the Gap


Bridging the Gap by New Future Fantasy YouTube  –  Website  –  Flickr     Exiled for blasphemy, I was lucky to escape with my life. My aristocratic pedigree led to the death sentence being commuted […]

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