3 Stories of Dark vs Light

A Collection of Flash Fictions by Maxwell Zwain

3 Stories of Dark vs Light

by Maxwell Zwain


Three tales of the struggles between good and evil. A collection of flash fictions.

Story One: The Dark

-For aeons, a battle has raged among the stars. Neither side may win, but the battle must be waged.

Story Two: The Seaphim

-An angel is disillusioned with mankind until she happens across a pitiful soul.

Story Three: Deal With The Devil

-Niles is approached by a demon offering all his worldly desires, but is the cost too high?

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Maxwell Zwain writes flash fiction, poetry, short stories, movie reviews and novellas. Since 2016 he has been running a movie review blog which boasts over 400 reviews. Other than movie reviews, Maxwell prefers writing fantasy stories of good vs evil, with monsters and heroes and superheroes. His blog site is zwainmoviereview.wordpress.com.




Story One

The Dark

The universe itself is a beautiful sight to behold. Filled with countless wonders that stretch for infinity that leave you breathless. Teaming with trillions upon trillions of lives which thrived for aeons. However, not everything in Creation is beautiful. For even in the darkest regions of space and time, there is something that seeks to return the universe to one of permanent midnight.

For aeons, it has existed, going by many names: the Scourge, the Blight, the Empty, the Dark. No matter the name, it has travelled the cosmos battling against the Light for the stability of Creation. For without the Light or without the Dark, all of reality would crumble. So both sides have warred for aeons with neither quite gaining the advantage over the other while millions of worlds, stars, nebulae all withered and perished.

For a long time, it appeared neither side was close to winning this war and the entire universe would crumble before that happened.

However, the Light had something which the Dark never could touch. While the Dark ruled with fear, the Light had hope. Hope was poisonous to the Dark and over the years, the Light had amassed all the hopes from every sentient being in existence and unleashed it in one furious blow which ultimately banished the Dark to a forgotten realm of the universe.

While the Dark could never truly be destroyed without destroying the universe, in the realm of eternal cold and silence, it could not escape and remains there; for as long as hope exists in the universe, the Dark will never be free.


Story Two

The Seraphim

Seraphina was an angel, a Seraphim charged with overlooking humanity, protecting them when necessary. However, over the years, Seraphina’s heart grew heavy at the random acts of violence that plagued humankind and she began to question whether or not they deserved to be saved.

Seraphina was always willing to save innocents from untimely deaths, but—as a whole—was humanity really worth the effort? Her brothers seemed to think so.

She noticed, one day, a young man walking about using a cane in obvious pain as he limped, leaning on his right foot. Seraphina heard his thoughts, empathizing with how much he hated his body, wishing to not be in so much pain.

The Seraphim felt drawn to him, instinctively wanting to help him.

The young man leaned against a wall, away from view and began to cry. Seraphina glided silently and invisibly next to him, reaching out, placing her hand on his head, filling him with some of her angelic light.

Immediately, the young man felt all of his pain melting away and a smile grew on his face. He dropped his cane and began walking on both feet, no longer feeling any pain in his feet or back! He didn’t know how it happened but was eternally grateful nonetheless.

The moment he smiled, Seraphina felt warm inside and she too, smiled.

Maybe there are some people in the world who didn’t deserve to live their lives in pain, suffering unjustly, Seraphina realized, seeing things in a different light. Perhaps there are people in the world who needed to be saved.

There is good in the world, after all.


Story Three
Deal With The Devil

I can sense you really want it, Niles,” the Demon whispered in Niles’ ears, his hands resting on the back of his shoulders. “There is no point denying it. All the success you’ve desired, right there for the taking.”

Niles gulped. Sweat beading down his eyebrows despite the chilled air accompanying the Demon—who preferred to be called Klaus. Meanwhile, every instinct of Niles was telling him not to take the deal, that the price was too high.

However, Klaus’ offer to grant him all the success he’s ever wanted was too tempting to outright pass up. He thought of all the times he’s watched the “lesser school teachers” succeed while he got nothing! Niles was stuck as a lousy gym teacher. He deserved more. Who cares who gets screwed over as long as he has his success?

Who cares if he sold his soul?

All the same, Klaus grinned like a sly fox. Humans were beyond easy to tempt. So willing they were to throw away their own souls for petty reasons, that Klaus loved his job. And Niles always thought of himself as better than everyone else, believing he deserved greatness. For that, Klaus would be honored to introduce him to a new level of torment when he died.

Well?” Klaus prodded.

Fine.” Niles caved.

Excellent,” Klaus snapped his fingers. “Done,” he said and turned to go before turning back to Niles, “Oh did I forget to mention the fine print?” When Niles paled, pulse quickening, Klaus added, “Since you were dealing with me, you are allowed two years before I come to collect.”

Niles opened his mouth but Klaus laughed, “See you in two years,” he cackled, vanishing as Niles’ legs turned to jelly, realizing too late the mistake he made.

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