Series – Deliverance

An Urban Fantasy Novella by Hunter Blain


by Hunter Blain



In the beginning, John was given the choice to avenge his family or die alongside them. He made his decision and has been seeking redemption ever since. Is it possible for a vampire, who has done unspeakable deeds, to change his inherent nature enough to go to Heaven once he takes the big sleep?

As if by divine intervention, our witty anti-hero stumbles across his potential salvation in the form of Father Thomes Philseep. Only problem is the holy man has been battling evil entities, like John, his entire life. Can a preternatural being convince a warrior of the Light to help him cleanse his soiled soul — or does an eternity in the abyss of Hell await the abomination? Most importantly, did he leave the oven on?


Chapter 1




Chapter 2




Chapter 3


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