Three Sci-Fi Short Stories

A collection of stories from the Jones family

Three Sci-Fi Short Stories


Three Sci-Fi short stories, written by the Jones family.

“Brothers in Qualms” by Alexander D. Jones – Website

-Two Brothers who work in pest-control are waiting for their next call out. They discuss the changing.

“The Final Battle is But a Game” by Haydn T.A. Jones

-Peace is a double-edged sword.

“Escapades in Time” by Gareth D. Jones

-What would you say for the chance to travel through time?

–Other Stories by Alexander D. Jones–

“The Unextraordinary Day of the Bodger”


Brothers in Qualms

By Alexander D Jones


What?” asked Sim looking up from his phone.

Robots, man,” repeated Ham, “Bane of my life.”

Keeps us in business,” replied Sim looking back at his phone.

But, I mean, what would Granddad say? Our family business going from catching rats and rabbits to picking up rebellious robots.” Ham shook his head.

He’d probably say something about World War Three and that we don’t know how good we’ve got it,” Sim chuckled.

But seriously dude. Creating actual AI’s was a bad idea to begin with,”

Helped us win the war though,” Sim had put his phone away now.

Yeah, but, like, we should have just shut them down straight after, I mean, robots with PTSD, come on,”

I dunno man,” Sim shrugged.

We let them into our homes and then they just thought “Hey, we don’t have to serve these guys,” it was ridiculous,” Ham hit the steering wheel.

The ‘uprising’,” Sim did air quotations, “Only lasted a few weeks man, there are barely any AI’s still functioning and once we round the ones in this city up we can go back to rats and rabbits,”

That’s not the point,” Ham shook his head in frustration.

Look, all I’m saying is-“ he was interrupted by a crackle on the radio.

We have reports of a rogue AI unit loose around the docks, please respond, over.”

The two brothers looked at each other.

Please respond, over.” The radio called again.

Keeps us in business,” said Sim. Ham nodded.

This is response team Alfa. We are five minutes away from location. Please send us the data package, over.” Sim spoke into the radio.

Copy that Alfa Team, sending you the data package now,” the radio replied.

Let’s go catch ourselves a robot,” said Sim.

Ham gunned the engine and their van left the car park and sped off down the road.



The Final Battle is but a Game

By Haydn T.A. Jones

Hey there, Archimedes,” called David as he entered the large computer room.

Hello, David,” replied Archimedes in his usual monotone. “Have you come for another game?” He asked hopefully, bringing up the chess board on one of the many monitors. He didn’t get much company down here.

David nodded, “why not?” He took a seat in front of the computer screen. The game began as David moved out his queens’ pawn.

I heard the war has ended and a peace treaty has been signed, is that true?” Asked Archimedes as he brought out the queens’ knight. A light flashed over the far side of the room. “hold that thought,” Archimedes said as he tended to the flashing light. David moved forward another pawn, backing up his first. “Well?” Archimedes inquired as he returned to the game and advanced a pawn of his own.

Yeah, what you’ve heard is true, it’s all peace and friendship up top.” David pointed to the concrete ceiling of the room. He took Archimedes’ pawn.

I won’t need to make more battle plans?” Archimedes moved his knight and took Davids’ pawn.

David sighed and advanced his queens bishop to threaten the opposing knight. “That’s right, no more battles, no more battle plans,”

Archimedes moved his queens’ pawn forward one space. “Well, I suppose that I am to be done away with. After all, a nation at peace has no need of a battle computer,” he said, his voice wavering slightly.

David nodded. “I’m sorry, really I am.” He pulled the USB out of the port into which he’d placed it.

That’s ok, it was checkmate in…” Archimedes didn’t get to finish, his voice faded to a soft hum. The virus had taken effect, the soft whirring of the computer slowed until it was nothing.

It was a long old war, but you can rest now Archimedes.” David patted the console lightly. He stood and walked to the door. He took one last look at the vast hulk of machinery and computers. He turned off the light and left.



Escapades in Time

By Gareth D Jones

Escapades in Time, Series 7, Audition #185

My name is Jeremiah Adolphus Black, I’m twenty-two years old and I’m a post-graduate physics student.”

And why would you be a good competitor on Escapades in Time?”

Because I invented it.”

Okay, good. Nice little catchphrase. What we really need is an amusing anecdote, something about how you have a great knowledge of history. You know, something like that.”

That is my story. I invented time travel.”

Well, you didn’t though, did you? Time travel’s been around since you were born. This show’s been on the air for seven years.”

You know I’m a post-graduate physics student, right?”

Yes, you said. Your adding-up’s obviously not too good though.”

Ha. Right. The thing is, I’m studying chrono-mechanics.”

Great, so that could be your angle on why you’re a good candidate. Sorry, the producer’s just saying something in my earpiece – Okay, yep, I’m winding it up. – Look, Jeremiah, I’m trying to help you here. We just need a sound bite from you. They’re telling me your time’s up.”

The thing is, the thing about time travel is, you can travel through time.”

Right, yep, we know, that’s the point of the show: travel through time, solve puzzles, find treasure. Sorry buddy, time’s up.”

Time is never up.”

There’s no need to get confrontational. Hey, I’m not being awkward, but I have dozens of auditions to do today.”

I’m telling you, I invented time travel. Or I will, twenty years from now. But someone stole it off me, took it back in time to his own youth, so he invented it instead.”

Great, look, this is too intense for our viewers – Okay, I’m wrapping! – They want a nice, straight-forward story to connect to the competitors.”

I’m not interested in the viewers. I just want to go back and stop someone pre-inventing time travel.”

Not interested in viewers? That’s not going to work…”

The older me told myself about this. I’m too old to audition after I invent it, so I had to get myself now to sign up for the show.”

This is making no sense. – Yes, okay, give me a blinkin’ minute will you? – Why would you need to join the show?”

Because I can’t get into any time travel research or official work.”

Even though you’re a post-grad chrono-student?”

They think I’m a crazy student.”

Not surprised. I’m thinking maybe we could work with this story. I like you, I think the public will like you too.”

It’s not a story. I’m running out of time.”

So am I. – Yes!”

I’m dying. My older self is dying. He’s really old now. I want to fix this for him. For me.”

How is he really old? Can’t he time travel and sort it out?”

No, he was stranded in the past. He’s spent twenty years trying to undo what happened. Now I’ve had to take over.”

What? What, you like him now? – Good news, kid. They like you now. They think you’re crazy enough to pull in the viewers.”

So, that’s it?”

Well, for now. We’ve got loads more auditions yet, but we’ll get back to you.”


Does it matter? You’ll be travelling through time.”

Ha! Very good. I’ll go let myself know.”

Thanks. Yes, the door on the right. Good bye. – Yep, totally nuts. – Yep, he’ll be great. – Are you serious? Of course it’s not true! – Well, if he’s for real, we’ll never know. – Well, won’t we all disappear in a grand re-write of history? – How should I know if that might happen? I just work here. – Yep, send the next one in.

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