Twas The Night Before Winter Veil

A Warcraft Short Story

Twas The Night Before Winter Veil

by Chris Herron


‘Twas the night before Winter Veil, when to my utter surprise

There stood Greatfather Winter, a sad look in his eyes

What’s wrong with the big guy?” I asked a little green helper.

The Greench nabbed our presents, and Metzen the Reindeer!

If we don’t get them back, I think winter veils over…

No feast, no toys, and no profits for stockholders.”

For the feast and the loot, I took up this quest,

Not to mention the children, goodwill and the rest…

So to Hilsbrad foothills I flew with great haste,

Just outside Growless Cave, I met the Greench face to face.

With a flash of my sword I leapt from my steed

Give back the presents and Metzen, you unscrupulous fiend!!”

ROWLGRRAHPPHLLTT!” He replied with a frown

It was then, as the yeti smashed my face into the ground

That I realized, I probably should have thought ahead

But alas, too late, I was already dead.

I respawned at the graveyard and began the run of shame

As and I approached, I saw a squat dwarf trying the same.

I ran to their side and joined in the frey,

popping potions and cooldowns, and slashing with blades

We’re nay gonna make it!” He said in an odd tongue

I can’t understand you, wrong faction, dumb dumb!”

And just as it seemed we were about to be slayed,

An Orc and a goblin came to our aid.

We pushed back the beast, but it wasn’t enough!

Until a Nightelf, a Wargan and a tauren showed up.

Together we fought, back to back, side by side

and as a unified people, we tore into it’s hide

And as the beast fell, the ground shook with its mass

The struggle was over, the Greench dead at last

That’s when all hell decided to break loose

Everyone flagged, and a battle ensued

Horde versus Aliance, the age old tradition

We’d worked together for an instant, but we weren’t humanitarians

Blood hit the snow, and the graveyard grew packed

I saw an opportunity, and leapt on Metzens back.

I snatched up the presents as we charged into the air

It may have been unsporting, but who really cares

In a matter of time we strolled back into Org

and as the townspeople saw us, their spirits all soared

We at Smokywood Pastures appreciate the recovery of our treats!”

For that, we’d like to offer you a special gift… a box full of meats!”

Winter Veil saved, Greatfather Winter’s smile grew wide

He lashed Metzen to his sled, and tossed the presents inside.

You did a good deed, I have a gift for you now.”

Just careful with that thing, you could put an eye out!”

Red Rider in hand, I watched with a stare

As he cracked his reigns once, and they took to the air

More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,

And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

“Now, Mercer! now, Chilton! now, Jordan and Kaplan!

On, Nagle! on Pardo! on, Goodman and Metzen!

To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!

Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!”

But I heard him exclaim, ere he flew out of sight-

Happy Winter Veil to all, and to all a good night!”

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