Update | 4-23-17

Changing release dates and more

update. TallTaleTV.com

Almost two months in now, thank you guys for all the support! I figured it was time to touch base and let you all know a little bit about what was coming up.

Early next month I will be increasing to two videos per week. The schedule is going to change from Thursdays to episodes dropping on Monday and Friday instead. Sorry for the odd shift, but I took a hard look at my future plans and changing it this way will make it easier for me to slowly introduce more and more days throughout the week without it becoming too cramped.

In related news, I’ll be releasing my first long-form work in the Monday slot. It will only last seven weeks, then that slot will open up to single episode stories. I chose to do this in an attempt to get a lot of recording out of the way at once so that I can get a massive backlog of episodes done. The bigger a buffer I have, the faster I can move to three days a week.

You might also notice that for the most part my video thumbnails no longer have the story title or author name in them. This isn’t laziness on my part, I found some research showing that for a project like this, a text free thumbnail is more likely to cause a viewer to stop and read the adjoining title for context. If you can get them to pause, you are far more likely to get them to click.

I’m happy to say the outpour of support and submissions has continued! Thanks to you guys I now have over two months of scheduled submissions to work through. I want to toss a shout out to Aaron Dennis, an author who has really taken my project and ran with it. He’s been promoting this project everywhere, and the effect has been dramatic. Thanks, man.

Also, speaking of my earliest supporters. Just three more episodes and I will have posted every story that predates my launch! Well, except one that I am saving for a bit. A huge thank you to all of you guys!

If you have any questions about what is happening, or any suggestion, feel free to contact me. I love hearing from you guys.

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